Turtles All the Way Down

John Green

It's quite rare to find someone who sees the same world you see.

I finally had a chance to sit down and read John Green's new and awaited contemporary novel: Turtles All The Way Down

Per my usual, magic of threes: 


This novel hit me hard. With the protagonist's, Aza's, challenges with her friends, OCD, and romance, I found myself often stunned and emotional while reading the novel. Green's master play, with his quotes and discussion of mental disorders, is well written and contains a realistic reflection of OCD and themes of popular culture. This novel is emotion-packed and encourages the reader to pause and consider the effects and reality of having a psychological disorder. However, don't expect a heart-throbbing love story, because the relationship between Aza and Davis isn't exactly magical and personally I found it awkward and almost clumsy (ah, young love). 

Character driven

Admittedly, I found myself craving more excitement and action. I hoped to see more of Aza's detective skills and her attempts to unravel the mystery of the missing man. Thus, I found the resolution and ending of the novel lacking and hoped Green would have spiced it up.

Before reading this novel, I really tried to put aside my prior experiences with Green's work and begin this novel with a fresh mind. I was not disappointed. John Green is a brilliant writer. While I don't always love his stories and the story-line, I enjoy his art of writing and use of linguistics.

Overall, a great novel, and I would recommend checking it out!