Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Elena Favilli, Francesca Cavallo ★★★★

What a lovely book! I picked up this children's collection of 100 tales of extraordinary women during the spring due to the constant hype I encountered on social media celebrating its empowering ideas and beautiful illustrations. I decided to give it a go! 

Magic of threes? You bet!

1. Reader-friendly 

It is no surprise that this beautiful collection is both intriguing and engaging due to its colourful illustrations and simplistic tales of the featured women. The language is written in a clear and elementary manner, aiming to attract a young audience, which brings a sense of ease and clarity.
A balance of description and dialogue are used to develop each tale in an interesting and thoughtful presentation. Furthermore, the illustrations attract the eye and the distinct art styles make the book unforgettable. I especially enjoyed the radiant colours and dramatic contrast used throughout the book, such as in the illustrations of Eufrosina Cruz and Sylvia Earle. 

2. Empowering

The book promotes feminist ideas of equality between genders and aims to break stereotypes of women globally. From women working in journalism to female pirates and astronauts, this book introduces a diversity of careers and pathways and praises the diligence and hard work faced by the women in their pursuit of their goals and ambitions. While reading the book, I found myself motivated and aspired to expand my own dreams and take initiative towards confronting the scary unknown. While the tales contain bias and may present controversial political viewpoints, as a book aiming to present the perseverance of committed women, it succeeds in demonstrating their creative and inspiring actions and activities. 

3. Modern 

I enjoyed this book more than I expected due to the presentation of women from different centuries and cultures. The book explores a variety of time periods, from the age of pharaohs to modern conflict in the middle east, which allows the reader insight into the consistency of female activism throughout history. Also, the portrayal of various cultures conveys a rich and educating perspective of womanhood and humanity. I found this modern outlook of the past and present both relevant and interesting. Thus, I recommend this book to all readers, even the older ones that may not conform to the book's target audience. ;)