Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful

Arwen Elys Dayton ★★★★

This novel is... 

Exciting, fascinating, and engaging! 

1. Exciting & Fascinating

I enjoyed the novel's futuristic ideas of science and medicine and its introduction of new rules and ideas within the natural sciences. Extremist human modifications, the globally dividing Genetic Curtain, and interaction between animals and humans are introduced with great foreshadowing and exciting abandonment of contemporary rules and restrictions of science. While the novel brings forth dystopian themes, they are not too far from modern social and scientific phenomena. I was fascinated to read more about the imagined scientific developments of the future and see the consequences of these changes.

2. Engaging

While the novel explores to great extent the rules and morality of science, it leaves room for emotional investment and engagement. The characters of the novel are sympathetic and entertaining. The novel is divided into several different perspectives, which allow a holistic view of the extent of the futuristic scientific changes and its diversified uses. I particularly enjoyed the chapters of Alexios, which explore the relationship between animals, humans, and science.

Cheers, Vera