Sininen huone

Mila Teräs ★★★/★

Onnen tunne on niin hauras, että se menee melkein heti rikki. Hän ei ole vielä valmis äidiksi, ei todellakaan! Tulisipa keskenmeno tai mitä tahansa, jottei hänen tarvitsisi saada tätä lasta. Samassa vatsaa nipistää. Sigrid kauhistuu: onhan vauvalla kaikki hyvin?

Sininen huone by Mila Teräs tells the story of seventeen-year-old Sigrid who becomes unexpectedly pregnant. Sigrid continues with the pregnancy despite the doubts of her family and friends and their appeal for abortion. Sigrid's story features a tangle of motherhood challenges, Sigrid's self-reflection and conflicts, and the art of raising a child.

Review in threes:

1. Entertaining

Too often, I find teenage pregnancy stories to be some-what clichéd and recycled. However, Sigrid's story is well-written and entertaining. While Sigrid is not the most dynamic or memorable character, she undergoes great character development and self-reflection. I enjoyed reading of Sigrid's ability to balance motherhood with her youth and learning to ignore the doubts and critique of others. The plot of the novel is rather simplistic, which allows for Sigrid's personal growth and exploration of her thoughts and ideas.

2. Realistic

Sininen huone introduces many of the common realities of teenage pregnancy: critique and ignorance, arguments and conflicts, abandonment and isolation. Sigrid's story demonstrates the significance of new life as well as the challenges it may bring. Nevertheless, the story is not hopeless. The realism of the novel adds depth and weight to the more optimistic and glorified moments of Sigrid's pregnancy. I found Sigrid a touching and likeable character due to her ability to resolve and adapt to each conflict in a mature and inspiring manner.

3. Thought-Provoking

Sigrid's story brings forth many questions about the treatment of young mothers and fathers. Sigrid encounters unjustified discrimination and ignorance due to her pregnancy and becomes aware of the sudden changes in her friendships. The challenges Sigrid faces are thought-provoking as they ask the Reader to consider their ideologies and prejudices of teenage pregnancy.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel and would recommend it to young and new adult readers!