Your Most Courageous Self: the definitive guide to unparalleled bad-assery

Kate Swoboda ★★★★

Yes, raise your glass and take a drink to celebrate your living, breathing existence, and your right to be here, and take up space, too.

But you also have to get your arse off the seat of indecision and decide: here's what I want to do, in my life, so I'm doing it, and that's that, and that's what's happening. This. Is what. I'm doing.

What an uplifting and inspirational spring read! 

I was gifted The Most Courageous Self for Christmas from a friend, and thought Hey, why not? Always ready for new reading experiences and adventures, I downloaded the PDF file and began this guide to achieve its promise of "unparallelled bad-assery". 

Magic of threes, per usual. 

  1. Engaging and fun

    Due to my lack of experience with self-help books, I didn't expect much from this guide. I approached it with an open mind and hoped to learn something new about myself. By the end of the PDF file, I was loving it! This book, filled with its fun and engaging texts and quotes, are easy to relate to and the author involves the reader throughout this self-discovery journey. I enjoyed the guided exercises and tips to evoke new thoughts and ideas. 

  2.  Realistic

    While reading this self-help book, I feared it might feel pretence or full of too obvious ideas that could be found online with a simple web search. Fortunately, this guide acknowledges limitations and boundaries in life and offers fresh pathways to combat these challenges. The guide offers words of wisdom without a full attempt to sell itself out. The guide doesn't promise a magical solution to all of the reader's problems or concerns, but rather offers new perspectives about the concept of fear and personal limits. 

  3. Short and succinct

    This guide is less than 80 pages and reader friendly. While I felt like I gained a new perspective, I didn't experience feelings of overwhelm or fullness. The short, simple nature of this guide makes it approachable and lovable. 

I definitely enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone looking for a quick inspiration and motivation fix!