Letters From Home

Kristina McMorris ★★★

An entertaining and heartfelt novel for the romantics!

Letters from Home by Kristina McMorris is a lovely historical novel featuring passionate and inspiring wartime romances and drama. 

The novel introduces three young women who are faced with the unique challenges of warfare. Liz, Betty, and Julia struggle against the hardships of the latter years of World War II as they are faced with loss, heartbreak, and sorrow. This engaging and captivating read explores the difficulties of the lives of women and men on both the home front and warfront arenas of WWII and the heartwarming relationships blooming at such a conflicting time.

I would recommend this novel to readers looking for a well-written storyline with dynamic and entertaining characters. While I found the pace of the novel felt slow at times, the well-rounded character developments and character relationships made up for it. The romances and character dynamics in the novel are engaging and interesting to follow.

I recommend to all historical romance lovers! This one is for you!