Throne of Glass

Sarah J Maas ★★★

You could rattle the stars, she whispered. "You could do anything, if only you dared. And deep down, you know it, too. That's what scares you most."

Wow! Last night, I cuddled into a blanket and finished Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. This is the first book of the ToG series, and I am so excited to continue this new adult fantasy series! Per usual, let's let the magic of threes do the talking: 

This novel is... 

1. Entertaining - The characters and plot twists offer interesting turns and developments. Although this was a reread for me (because I had completely forgotten all about this series), the story was engaging and I was hooked to the story and faith of Celaena Sardothien. 

2. Humorous- As usual, Sarah J Maas won several smiles and wicked grins from my way. While this was definitely not her best novel, I can sense how amazing this series will be. 

3. On the verge of cliché at times - I remembered this from the first time I read, and now I wasn't bothered by the minor clichés that occurred. However, after letting go and suspending my disbelief, and reading further, the clichéd characters or dialogue didn't feel like an issue. I really can't wait to continue! 

What are your thoughts on this novel / series?